Introduction to my art

Art always puts things in perspective for me. That’s part of why I love it. It’s like, if my emotions are too strong I create something and it puts everything into perspective for me. Not sure how to explain it in people Words.  
All pieces posted are owned and created by ME. I have rights to them they’re mine so back off plagiarizers! 

No but really, my art is unique and I hope it makes other people as happy as it makes me. And if not Oh well fuck em, right? 

I am sometimes inspired by other people’s works but I do not steal other people’s artwork at all. I have a personal moral against that kind of fuckerey

My art is typically freehand drawn in either pencil or pen then I paint over it with watercolor. My style isn’t really professional and im not the greatest artist but I put my soul into it and I think that’s what counts 

Enjoy. – 🤘Rhiannon 


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