I fucking love this piece.  One of my favorites I’ve ever done 


“All my friends are in my head” 

Created this in my 2nd trimester of pregnancy. I am a housewife and I don’t really Leave so it’s kind of an expression of the isolated feelings I had at that time and  the nakedness and vulnerability is present here as an expression of my upset with my changing pregnant body

Introduction to my art

Art always puts things in perspective for me. That’s part of why I love it. It’s like, if my emotions are too strong I create something and it puts everything into perspective for me. Not sure how to explain it in people Words.  
All pieces posted are owned and created by ME. I have rights to them they’re mine so back off plagiarizers! 

No but really, my art is unique and I hope it makes other people as happy as it makes me. And if not Oh well fuck em, right? 

I am sometimes inspired by other people’s works but I do not steal other people’s artwork at all. I have a personal moral against that kind of fuckerey

My art is typically freehand drawn in either pencil or pen then I paint over it with watercolor. My style isn’t really professional and im not the greatest artist but I put my soul into it and I think that’s what counts 

Enjoy. – 🤘Rhiannon 

I am the antisocial extrovert 

This is the post excerpt.

I need a place to express myself where people aren’t going to annoy me

Art makes me happy in all its forms

I’m tired of small town closed minded people looking at me in my face and telling me I’m wierd or my art is weird. Weird is a perceptional delusion and it doesn’t exist so…  suck my fuck.

I’ve hitch hiked over 5,000 miles and learned a lot about the world doing so.

“art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable” – Cesar A. Cruz

I’m 22 and my name is Rhiannon